If there is a chance that your online romance is a scammer.

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How to Catch a Romance Scammer – What You Need to Know

Is your online acquaintance a real person or just one of the ever growing number of love scammers lurking on social media platforms? In this article you will learn how to catch a romance scammer.

Read the signs that Lydia K. collected, after she had contact with a romance scammer via Tinder. Want to know more about scams on Tinder? Then read Tinder Fake U.S. Army.

How to catch a romance scam

The first contact with the scammer happened via Tinder.

Signs that you are in contact with a love scammer

  1. They (the love scammers) will profess their love as fast as possible. They won’t talk to you about sex much.
  2. Their target is an independent woman who wants a gentleman, family man and visionary. So, their topics would be about personal growth and development.
  3. They won’t brag much about themselves, but they will tell you how they will treat you as their queen.
  4. They will talk about your religion and make you feel that you found someone compatible to your own believe in god.
  5. They will let you see their WhatsApp online status and the notification that they read your message at first. Then they will hide it once they are sure that they got your attention.
  6. Some of them will use a WhatsApp business account because it can be used by multiple users. So they can rotate their duty time.
  7. Usually they will use a foreign phone number, instead of a local number and tell you, that they are residing in another country, which is not close to yours. Tinder actually shows that they are close to you but it is likely, that they obscure their location online.
  8. They will avoid doing video calls. If they do, you need to observe if the video, since it is fake too. Watch their mouth getting synchronized when they talk.
  9. Try to observe their accent if they call. Usually you could hear an African accent. The first voice call would be done by a guy who got a local accent. And the subsequent voice calls would be done with an African accent.
  10. Sometimes, it is hard to analyse if their profile photos are genuine or not. However, a professional scammer will use high profile photos to attract high profile ladies.
  11. Once they get your attention and you have professed your love to them online, that’s when they will create a situation to ask you for money. So don’t profess your love until you go on real dates. If they keep coming up with excuses why they can’t meet, then you will know that they are scammers.
Fake picture used by a romance scammer.

A fake picture used by a scammer. Since the pictures are stolen from real people we have to blur the person.

This is rather unfortunate, since it is now impossible to see how badly the picture was manipulated in the first place.


Be aware of the warning signs

As you can see there are many warning signs, but once you are involved in the middle of a scam it is rather difficult to take action. Be aware love scammers know every psychological trick to make you like them.

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