If there is a chance that your online romance is a scammer.

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Signs of a Romance Scammer

What are the most common signs of a Romance Scammer? In this article you will learn how to recognize Love Scammers and which signs show that you are dealing with a Romance Scammer.

A romantic online relationship can be arousing, and they can succeed and move on to the real world. Sadly, however, online scams are often used by criminals to steal money from victims.

These romance scammers are experts in pretending. They are trained what to say and how to find their targets. They often work in “companies” of organized crime where several agents run several online love schemes simultaneously.

This could all sound frightening. Fortunately, you could look out for warning signs – is your online romance real or not?

Signs: you’re dating a romance scammer

1. Fake profile and vague details

Online Romance scammers handle a variety of fraudulent accounts and contacts simultaneously.

With ambiguous and generic explanations, they will start to talk to you. They sometimes even use pre-written scripts.

The online romance scammer will get involved more explicitly if the target shows interest. They may unexpectedly change their tone or writing style, since they no longer use a pre-written script.

A scammer can reveal himself by providing incoherent information. He or she could reveal facts in their profiles that do not match the information used in chats. And other times their portraits and personal profiles do not seem to match.

2. Moving forward too soon

There’s one thing the scammers want: cash. They have more chances to get money from their victims if they can speed up the false romances.

This means that early love commitments are popular in online relationship scams. When an online relationship gets to deep to fast, it could be a fraud.

To prevent a potential fraud you should consider to move the conversation into the real world and meet the person.

Scammer ask most of the time for money, followed by gift certificates and usefull things like smartphones.

3. Demanding money or assistance

When a victim gets hooked on an online dating scheme, the scammer will sooner or later try to get cash. Look out for money demands or other unusual requests.

Popular strategies are:

  • health issues,
  • relatives in need,
  • or other financial disasters

to get money or for example vouchers. Asking for peculiar favours such as mail deliveries or visiting a mutual friend should be warning signs too.

The Romance scammer is going to use pressure if the target of the scam isn’t willing to submit money. They will claim that the victim does not love them, or make threats to break up.

4. Ignoring your concerns

  • “How old are you?”
  • “What are you doing for a livelihood?”

Answers feel sometimes like an automated reply. While a scammer answers questions, he will not reveal any additional information and he might disregard concerns you might have.

5. Always avoid personal interactions

Another sign that you are talking to a romance scammer is that they avoid personal meetings.

Usually a scammer will create a natural distance like living in another country or state to prevent even the thought of meeting him. Even if you travel where he lives a meeting will never happen for one reason or another.

6. Can use gadgets for fraudulent activity

Often the romance scammer sends you valuable things such as laptops or smartphones and requests to send them somewhere else. The reason why they do this is simply to obscure their illegal activities.

Sometime, you may be asked to purchase something and deliver it to someone else.

7. Honey trapping

They send beautiful messages as if they were inspired from a love book. Also look out for false modesty, since it is used all the time.

Scammer confess their undying love to get more money from their victims.

Scammers confess their undying love after a very short time.

Safeguard yourself from Romance Scammers

1. Do your homework

Romance scammers are likely to send poetic letters to you; note, they want you to love them. Look at all the details, examine the social media accounts and use search engines to get more information.

In modern days, most people have at least a sort of digital footprint, which enables you to find more information.

If you do not find anything or you find contradictions, then there is a chance that your online contact might be a scammer.

2. Don’t take a second spot

Many blogs and dating platforms provide protections against scams of their customers. There is a possibility that the support staff of this website will take it up and delete the scammer account.

3.  Straight ”NO”

This guidance is very straightforward, but still very complicated.

If your online romance unexpectedly experiences a financial “emergency” and then asks for your money: simply tell them no.

As soon as someone asks for money you can be certain that this person is trying to scam you.

Be warned, they’re not going to give up easily. Their demands will get more pressing and heartbreaking. Say no to them and stop the contact. Block their account, delete your profile, and do whatever you need to do.

4. Please be suspicious

The only way to avoid that a scammer will break your heart and plunder your bank account is to be suspicious. Question everything your online partner says.

If you get compliments all the time, you need to be cautious. Don’t let some flattery make you ignore potential warning signs.

5. Pay attention to the language and errors

The use of text messaging and autocorrecting has reduced the standard of correct writing and grammar.

But you should nevertheless keep an eye on grammar and other errors that should not happen if the writer is an adult and pretends that English is his or her native language.

Many of the people who make these scams do not speak native English. Some texts may sound as if they have been translated automatically and include rather weird errors.

Lets Wrap-Up

Online dating has some disadvantages, but the risks justify the reward. Do not let scammers stand in the way of your own happiness.

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