If there is a chance that your online romance is a scammer.

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Tinder fake US Army – Military officials scamming for money

In this article you will learn all about Military Romance Scams on Tinder or any other dating site and you will learn how to identify this scam.

How many times has it happened that you have opened an account on Tinder and then closed it in frustration on not finding any perfect match? But not getting any love is still better than being scammed on a platform you came on to look for love!

Millions of people are looking for love online. Online dating is popular but sadly, many people are falling victims to different kinds of scammers. Your romantic heart gets shattered at the end of the encounter when you are left trolled with a broken heart and no money left in your wallet.

Meeting military personnel on Tinder is nothing short of a fairytale. You get swayed away with dreams of getting swept off your feet by a man in the uniform and living with him happily forever and ever!

So called millitary scams often start on tinder or other social networks.

The numbers of so called military scams are growing at an alarming rate. The scenario of a soldier in a foreign country makes it easy for the scammer to spin lies.

But is this the case that happens often? Alas, the reality is quite different from the picture drawn above as most army men with Tinder profiles turn out to be nothing but big scammers.

Army CID continues to warn people about scammers

U.S. military officials have sent out a warning many a time to be aware of  the ones claiming to be a U.S. military member whilst he would actually be from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Sudan or Yemen and other places around the world.

Thousands of military romance scams are reported every day, and you might be just one in the crowd.

Such incidents about romance scammers are painfully true and are widely spread in many online platforms and not just on Tinder. The victims either be smitten by love or simply be under the delusion of doing something noble by helping those who are serving the country.

Scammer use Tinder fake profiles to establish contact with their potential victims.

Free of charge and with millions of potential victims, it is understandable that scammers use Tinder, Facebook and possibly every other Social Media Network to establish contact.

We understand that it is not possible for you to be sure of the authenticity of the person. It is not easy to judge a person without meeting him in person.

It is exactly where we come in for your help. We extend our helping hand out to you to give you correct details about the concerned person and help you to decide whether you have met a genuine person on Tinder or not.

By the way, this type of scam when online dating on social media sites is also called

The preferred target for this type of scam are middle-aged and advanced women.

What to look out for in military romance scams

Official websites of U.S. militants receive hundreds of complaints every day about such cases. The victims mostly state that the uniformed officials tell them about many false services for which they require money – for communication fee, transportation cost or medical fee.

It is natural for you to trust an army man when he discloses about his problems. You understand that he really could be in a remote area from where he cannot reach out to his family members or not take proper care of himself.

With a hope to find a life partner in him, you do not even think twice before trying to help him. But how much are you getting to know a person on a mere dating app like Tinder?

Victims of such online scams dwell under the impression of helping a person in need. But more often than not, they give their money to a scammer and lose thousands of dollars in the process.

Despite the U.S. having several laws against such crimes, the scamming rate is growing day by day. This mostly happens due to the lax laws in other countries and also because the scammers use untraceable emails and do not get the money directly transferred to their accounts.

If it’s a scam, the scammer will inevitably steal your money just as he steals your heart.

Red flags: Scammer on Tinder

These fraud military men have quite a few catchphrases to hook innocent men and women. Take a look at the following and beware the next time when a self-proclaimed army man utters these lines on Tinder:

  1. They talk about looking for honest men and women and claim to be on a peacekeeping mission.
  2. They tell you that either they are an orphan or a widower to gain your sympathy.
  3. They say that they have a child and some nanny is looking after him in his absence.
  4. They surprisingly fall in love with you almost a few days after contacting and start referring to you with sweet names.
  5. They deny talking to you over the phone or show their face on webcam and state that they are unable to do any such thing for high-security reasons.
  6. They tell you that they would like you to send some jewellery or money as a token of gift through a diplomat.
  7. Real soldiers don’t give their log-in data for their own bank account (which is actually a fake account) to online acquaintances because they supposedly don’t have access to it.
  8. Soldiers don’t ask for iTunes cards in order to be able to continue phoning (which is not possible with iTunes cards).

Questions you should ask yourself before trusting the scammer

Sure you have come on Tinder to find love, but does it call for blind faith and belief? You ought to keep your eyes open whilst searching for a worthy partner for life. In fact, a soldier would be an exciting partner.

Since most scammers, military ones alike, use similar kinds of stories to fool people, you should have some common doubts rising in your mind.

Is the soldier real or a fake.

Is the soldier you met online real or a scammer, who has just stolen the picture of a real soldier?

Take a hint from the following points to note that real service members will not say such things:

  1. No military official charges money in order to go to his family.
  2. A general official will never reach out to you in order to grant the military personnel a leave.
  3. Military members are mostly not on any dating apps like Tinder.
  4. No military official has to pay for retiring early.
  5. All military men have medical insurance that takes care of their family’s health in their absence. No one needs to pay for them.
  6. Service member do not send anyone to buy or sell goods.
  7. Deployed military men do not come across large chunks of money out of the blue and do not need your help to take that out of the country.
  8. Military personnel do not have to pay fees if they want to go on leave.
  9. Military personnel may talk on the phone or via webcam.
  10. Soldiers do not ask for money to be sent to third parties via Western Union, for example.
  11. Military aircraft are not used to transport privately owned vehicles and the military does not charge money for this.

Does that look familiar to you? Then you could be the victim of a scam.

One more piece of advice: Don’t send him any intimate photos. He could use them to blackmail you. And don’t send him the number of your bank account or let him transfer money to your bank account to forward.

Ways to avoid online dating scams and Tinder scams

We are always at your service to help you identify the person. We have more sources and connections than you that help us to check about the authenticity of the subject.

In a discreet way we find out if someone is a con artist with a fake profile.

But as we look for valuable information about the target, you have to be on your toes to not fall prey to his lies. With the help of the following advice, you can refrain yourself from getting conned by the scammer:

  1. Never send money to anyone. Be it military personnel or anyone you have met on social media or an internet dating site, do not get into any monetary terms. A fake military man often asks you for communication fees, transportation costs, medical or marriage processing fees, but the moment he does that, know in your heart that you are speaking to a scammer.
  2. Do your research before liking someone on Tinder. As you have not met that man in person, there would be so many things you do not know of him. For this, you can come to us to know whatever you want to about the person. We will revert to you within a short period of time with as much information as possible.
  3. Do not be satisfied with just chatting with the person on the portal. Ask him to talk to you over the phone or speak via webcam. If he refuses to do both, be very suspicious of his acts. Military personnel might not have internet access in a remote area but will always have an FPO or APO mailing address. When the person you are chatting with refuses to contact you in any other method, understand his agenda of scamming you.
  4. Never go for any third-party for help. A fraud might ask you to send something via someone or request you to receive a package from someone, stop right there. Do not send money or ship anything to a third party company. Often the company might exist in reality but is not a part of the scam and has no idea about its name being used for such a dishonest practice.
  5. Watch out for African and Middle Eastern countries. Whilst some U.S. troops overseas could be posted in the mentioned country, the real ones would never ask you for monetary help. Get a whiff of being wronged if the person asks you to mail anything to an African nation. As Nigeria is a country with many scamming records, your Tinder date could have been originated from there.
  6. Be on your guard on any online portal and not just on Tinder. It is not wrong to try to find love online but put on your scepticism mask whilst doing so. Give some time for building a connection and do not just speed things. Shun anyone who tries to profess their love at one go without even knowing you.

Get help immediately to escape from military romance camps

If you have already fallen for their trap, waste time no more and report it to the police. Though it is difficult, they will try their best to retrieve your lost money.

We are here to help you with details about the person. Suspicious or not, it is always advisable to do a background check on someone you are meeting online.

We find out the truth for you

If you have the slightest doubt or suspicion of fraud, you should seek our advice.

Regularly we check alleged soldiers and service members of the US Army just like alleged engineers on oil rigs or other persons whether they are fraudsters. These are people who are hunting for victims while dating online by faking an online relationship.

The more details and personal information you get from his bio, the better chances we get of finding out everything about the subject. We do the needful secretly and at affordable prices.

Send us the data you know. We also need the photos and documents you have. We will then check whether the subject is real or a fake. If it is a scammer, we try to determine who the real person is on the pictures.

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