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Beware of Diplomatic Courier Service Scams in Online Romance

Online romance scams have unfortunately become a common problem in today’s digital age. Scammers are constantly evolving their tactics to trick vulnerable individuals looking for love online.

One of the latest schemes involves a deceptive method known as the “Diplomatic Courier Service Fake“. This elaborate scam preys on victims’ emotions, creating a web of lies that can lead to financial devastation and emotional turmoil.

The modus operandi in the diplomatic courier service fake

In this fraudulent scenario, scammers pose as diplomats or people associated with diplomatic missions.

The first step is for the romance scammer to contact the prospective victim through a dating site, social media, dating apps like Tinder, or anywhere else on the Internet.

In doing so, they pose as, for example:

Love scammers posing as military personnel

A Diplomatic Courier Service claims to work for soldiers, doctors or and everyone else stationed in foreign countries. 

The love scam begins

The actual scam begins once the contact is established and solidified.

They claim to be deeply in love with their targets and promise a future together. In preparation, they want to send the victim a very valuable package in advance.

They concoct a story involving valuable assets, such as a chest of money, gold bars, or priceless artefacts, often located in a conflict zone or distant, inaccessible region.

The scammers then inform their victims that these assets must be safely transported to the victim’s country. To accomplish this, they introduce the concept of a “diplomatic courier service”.

A supposed diplomat makes sure the package arrives safely from a remote part of the world to the woman of his heart, with whom the scammer claims to be moving in together.

Supposedly, the victim must pay a substantial sum of money to cover the costs associated with this secure transportation. A victim, caught in the web of emotions, often complies, believing she is helping her future husband in a time of need.

Red flags and warning signs of diplomatic courier scams

It’s important for you to recognize the warning signs associated with diplomatic courier scams. Here are some key indicators:

Urgency and Pressure

Scammers create a sense of urgency, pressuring victims to act quickly without giving them enough time to think or research.

Financial requests

Victims are asked to send money for various purposes related to the alleged diplomatic courier service, such as shipping fees, taxes, or customs clearance.


Scammers insist on secrecy and discourage victims from discussing the situation with friends or family members.


The scammer’s story often contains inconsistencies, implausible scenarios, or false information that doesn’t add up.

Fraudulent e-mail messages from Customs

Victims receive fake letters from Customs via email or WhatsApp asking them to transfer fees overseas, pay via Bitcoin or cash via Western Union. Warning: Customs does not communicate via WhatsApp and does not accept Bitcoin or Western Union payments.

Diplomatic courier service scams in online romance

The “diplomatic courier” will encounter a lot of problems that only your money can solve. However the package is still never going to arrive.

Protect yourself

To protect yourself from falling victim to Diplomatic Courier Service scams and other online romance scams, follow these guidelines:

  1. Be sceptical of online relationships that move too quickly, especially if the other person starts discussing important financial matters early on.
  2. Do your research if you suspect something is amiss. Verify the person’s identity, history, and any information related to diplomatic courier services.
  3. Don’t send money to anyone you meet online, especially if they request it for vague or dubious reasons.
  4. Always keep in mind that there is no Diplomatic Delivery Company or Courier Service.

Diplomats can carry documents for embassies between countries without control, but they do not operate any kind of courier service.

A claim that a diplomat will come to your home to deliver a box is made up and a scam.

Diplomats do not travel to airports and wait there for your payment so they can deliver an alleged package to the country.

Scammers usually work in teams. While the first scammer gains the victim’s trust and encourages them to make a payment, the next scammer from the same gang waits for payment for their supposed arrival.

The scammers almost always claim to be coming from a distant airport, making a quick arrival almost impossible.

They then claim that they are stuck at the airport because, for example, customs has x-rayed the box and found that it contains valuable goods and that there is cash inside.

They then send the victims documents that show the customs stamp of some kind of security clearance or required payment of customs fees. Or you need an anti-terrorism certificate to enter the country, or they come up with other non-existent fees.

There is no clearance fee or anything like that. Once the victim has paid, they want more money.

Numerous authorities warn about the Fake Diplomatic Courier Service

Government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Internet Crime Complaint Centre and the authorities in many countries warn against fake diplomats.

The alleged “Shipping Company” does not exist, even though there is a good looking website where you can track the shipment. This website is a fake and part of the scam.

Do not send money to a stranger's bank account.

Even if you pay a lot of money, the scammer will ask for more.

Is there a diplomatic courier site?

Yes, there is a diplomatic courier site, but it is a multimedia magazine. This magazine does not ship goods and does not act as a courier.

Diplomatic Courier never asks its readers to provide personal or financial information, passwords, passports, photos, bank accounts or make advance payments for courier services.

Emails from Diplomatic Courier are never sent from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or other freely available domains. Diplomatic Couriers do not use Western Union, MonexGram, RIA, PayPal, CashApp, crypto currency exchanges or other money transfer services to collect money.

Not sure who you are dealing with?

Do you have online contact with someone who says they want to send you a package through a diplomat? Be careful not to fall for a scam. Potential victims can live in almost any country. That’s why it’s good to know that we work for clients from all over the world.

When in doubt, our detectives can discreetly check out the person so you know who you are dealing with. This will only cost you a little money, but it will protect you from greater financial and emotional damage.

Our detective agency checks people all over the world and determines for you whether they are romance scammers or not.

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