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Are US soldiers allowed to use Skype?

Quick read:

Can deployed soldiers use Skype or Facebook messenger or FaceTime on deployment?

Yes, soldiers are usually allowed to use Skype or Facebook messenger or FaceTime to call or write with family, friends and acquaintances while on international missions. To make a video call all he needs is a webcam or a smartphone.

Even soldiers who are deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq are allowed to make video calls. Any soldier may talk to others through any media currently available.

Are soldiers allowed to use Skype

Soldiers are allowed to use Skype. The excuse that they are on a secret mission and therefore not allowed to use that form of communication is nonsense, since they would not be allowed to contact anyone at all!

The whole story in detail:

Have you started using online dating sites to meet new people and find love? Chances are, that you have opened yourself to the many scammers who are on the prowl in the virtual world.

You would think that connecting with someone from the US military who is serving in Afghanistan or Africa on dating sites is something out of a fairy tale. For this purpose, he sends many pictures, but never makes a video call.

It might not take you two seconds to want to know the person. You might even be eager to share your personal details like address and phone number.

But, be warned. Romance scammers posing to be servicemen in the US military is a painfully true story and they are not just found on dating sites, but also across social networking sites like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • POF.com
  • Tinder
  • Jdate
  • or Match.

If you have befriended someone claiming to be from the US military and after your repeated requests refuse to Skype, he is probably faking it.

They ask for money

Such scammers ask their targets to send them money for:

  • Medicines
  • Leaves to come home
  • Internet access
  • To apply for leave
  • To help out a friend
  • Visa or other such travel documents.

You should note here that the US army provides for medical care, transportation and all other requirements of the soldiers. This service is free of charge for every soldier the whole time of his service.

We have also heard scammers posing as soldiers ask their targets to:

  • Wire money to a certain bank account
  • Send gift cards from vendors like, Google Pay, Amazon, Steam or iTune
  • Accept unknown packages and/or deliver packages to a specific location.

US soldiers are allowed to use Skype

You should know that the US military is allowed to use Skype or FaceTime on deployment. If he is dodging the question of a Skype video call stating military rules, you are probably being scammed.

A true deployed soldier who has been stationed far away from home will probably not make use of dating sites to meet new people, but use Skype to stay connected with his family members and friends. The U.S. Army has set up the necessary technical arrangements for this and provides the Internet connection.

How can you stay protected?

  • Do not believe any random guy on the Internet who says he is in the US military
  • Make sure to ask for his picture and full name so that you can do your research
  • Never send money or agree to pick up unmarked packages from strangers.

If you have any doubts regarding the man you are writing with, give us the details and we will check him out. We will do this discreet and at an affordable price.

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