If there is a chance that your online romance is a scammer.

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Do military personnel need money to fill out a leave request form?

Have you recently come across any military personnel on social media asking you for money and stating that he needs it for applying for a leave?

Should you now fill in and submit a leave request form?

Fake leave requests

The leave forms might look like these samples or maybe a little bit different. The one thing that they have in common is that they are all fake.

Spend no more time with him as you are talking to a scammer, who is all up for draining your bank balance!

The first thing that you have to know whilst dealing with such fraudsters is that a military man does not need money for requesting for a leave. They make up a whole lot of fake stories to make you susceptible to their lies.

Instead of falling prey to his web of lies and losing hope to think that everyone out on social media is trying to fool you, you can identify the right person with our help.

Leave request form » When to be suspicious

Be right on your guard if a military man asks you to send money for any reason whatsoever, more so if he persuades you into believing that he is not getting holiday due to shortage of money.

They mainly email or text you from an untraceable source and refuse to show you their face or let you hear their voice.

Always remember that military leaves are earned and never bought. Notice the following points to realise when to realise that you are interacting with a scammer probably:

  1. The person fictitiously claims to refund or rebate on the basis of false statements.
  2. Some random person drops in a mail and asks you to reveal your personal bank information.
  3. The person professes his love for you right after one day. He asks you to send him money so that he can apply for a leave and meet you then.

Fight against the fake military personnel

The military paperwork is completely free and does not demand any money from anyone. A desperate need to get money whilst applying for a leave is the work of a con man whose only agenda is to extract money from you by unfair means.

An army man’s leave depends on the higher authority, who decides if the situation demands his presence. It does not involve any kind of monetary transaction.

If you even have an inch of doubt whilst starting a conversation with someone, come to us with the person’s profile. We will give you the hidden but correct information about the fake person whilst maintaining secrecy.

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