If there is a chance that your online romance is a scammer.

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Nigeria US Army – Are you being scammed?

Did you meet a soldier online? Is this soldier saying he’s in the U.S. Army and he’s stationed in Nigeria, Africa?

Are you falling head over heels for this person you met online? Love can happen anywhere and at any time.

You may have heard about several dream love stories where two people met online and went on to get married and build a fairytale life. It is easy to get carried away by such fantasies.

However, the Internet can be a dangerous and deceptive place. If you let your guard down, scammers can steal your wealth as well as your identity.

Is there any US military in Nigeria? Do we have any American troops and armed forces in Nigeria?

Nigerian men and women are especially at risk from online scams. Catfishing cases are extremely common in that country.

What is catfishing » Nigeria US Army?

Catfishing refers to online scams were fraudsters assume a false identity to lead you to their trap. They use pleasant words, gestures and a made-up identity to seduce you.

Once you form an emotional attachment with them, they find an excuse to get your money or identity or both.

In Nigeria, a common false identity used by scammers is that of a US soldier posted in the country.

Nigerian men and women are more likely to form a friendship with an American citizen, especially someone who is serving their country in the armed forces. Scammers tend to use pictures of handsome men from the Army in their profile to attract women into a relationship.

Once you fully commit to a relationship with them, they will try to extort money from you in some way or another. Due to your emotional attachment with the person at that stage, you will fulfil his wishes without a second thought, thereby getting catfished.

Signs of catfishing you should know about

If you want to avoid being scammed online, the tips mentioned below can help. Remember that vigilance against such scams is the best way to prevent it.

Scammers start the process from the first contact

When you sign up to a new social media platform or a dating application, know that scammers are on the prowl for new targets. Such people will try to get overly friendly with you from the beginning, showing intention for a romantic relationship.

They claim to be soldiers currently stationed in Nigeria. Together with Nigerian soldiers and other security forces they are fighting in the armed force against Boko Haram rebels. They say they would be under attack by Boko Haram and would have to support the incompetent Nigerian army and military.

The same story also exists in connection with Afghanistan or Syria or other third world countries.

The rebels are constantly attacking and the military has to defend the security of the country and the population.

Apart from the social media website, scammers can ask you for your phone number to establish personal contact. This is why it is always a risk to accept the friend or follow requests of unknown people on the Internet.

Scammers try to convert casual conversation into romantic talks

When you meet a person online, you need time to get to know the individual before even thinking about pursuing a romantic relationship with them. If you find a contact rushing you into romance, they are very likely a scammer.

Whether it is a US war veteran or an ordinary guy, you should verify every detail or story your online contact tells you.

Scammers often pretend to be soldiers, who are stationed in a country where the imposter actually lives or has some allies. That way the frauds can pick up any stolen money directly.

Scammers make up extensive stories to convince you

After establishing a friendship or a romantic relationship with you, scammers are likely to use an excuse to extort money from you. Some common stories that a scammer posing as a US soldier posted to Nigeria can tell you, include

  • The conditions in Nigeria are horrible and they do not get paid properly for their services.
  • Their money is stuck in an offshore bank and they need funds immediately to handle an emergency.
  • They possess the knowledge of a great investment opportunity that will benefit both of you in the future.

Make sure you do not fall for these tricks. Once you pay the sum, the scammer will either disappear from your life or make additional monetary demands in the future.

How can you protect yourself from online scammers?

Dating apps and social media sites are beautiful places to get to know new people and establish strong friendships. However, the following tips ensure you can avoid scammers, commonly found on these platforms.

Avoid accepting friend requests from people you do not know personally.

Do not share excessive personal information on social media websites, such as

  • phone number
  • residential address
  • and others.

If you are talking to a stranger and start having feelings for the person, ask them to meet or engage with them over a video call. If they make excuses to avoid meeting or showing their face on camera, it can be indicative of a scammer.

Ask as many questions as you can to the person you are speaking with on social media websites or dating apps. Fraudsters can slip up when answering questions about themselves, as most of what they say are lies.

Request the stranger to provide more pictures of themselves, apart from the ones present on their profile.

If you find out that someone is a scammer, do not simply cut contact with them. Report it to the website moderators, so that the authorities can implement strict actions against the perpetrator, preventing them from running similar scams in the future.

A few words about the Army

Soldiers deployed to combat zones in Africa do not need:

  • Money for food
  • iTunes cards for phone calls
  • Money for medical care.

They don’t have to spend any money…

  • for one’s holiday (there is no leave request)
  • for the early annuity from active duty
  • for flights home (the Army takes care).

And if they want to send a box, it’s very dangerous.

Allegedly found money by a scammer.

The money box scam is often used, because the victims can pay for the shipping, custom and many other obstacles that will arise for a package that will never arrive.

Do you need peace of mind?

If you are in touch with a person claiming to be a US military personnel posted in Nigeria, do not hesitate to contact private investigators. The person may be telling the truth, but there is always a risk that he/she may be lying.

We conduct discreet investigations regarding the person. Our detectives do not want to jeopardise your relationship with the individual if he/she is being honest.

However, our main goal is to safeguard you from catfishing schemes. We can test the veracity of an online stranger’s identity so that you do not face any risk from them.

So if you’ve met an alleged US serviceman online who is on a peacekeeping mission in Nigeria, Africa or in a fighting force, be on your guard. Don’t believe everything he tells you. We’ll check for you if he’s really in the military or if you’re dealing with an African fraudster.

Fill out the form and write us everything you know about the soldier of the US Army. We will then get in touch with you.

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