If there is a chance that your online romance is a scammer.

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Russian Dating Scammers: All you need to know about

  • Have you met a Russian woman on the Internet?
  • Does she now want to visit you?
  • Or did she ask for money?
  • Could you be a victim of a Russian Romance Scam?

If you want to be absolutely sure that the woman is for real, we will check her for you. After this verification you will have peace of mind.

Practically every part of cybercrime was turned into a plug-and-play service or website. The dating scam kit includes hundreds of emails, written in English and several other languages. Many of those kits have been sold in Russia and other countries in Eastern Europe in the area of the former Soviet Union.

We like to pretend, that the Internet is secure for all sorts of cyber scams, but the truth looks differently.

For Russian Dating Scammers who want to steal our personal information or money, everyone is a target.

Criminals will penetrate

  • our personal lives,
  • our families,
  • and our jobs further than anything these days.

And we can do almost nothing to prevent this.

A start is to recognize the tactics Russian woman scammers use and further prevent them from gaining access to personal information and financial records.

Fake certificate used by a "Russian Dating Scammer"

Scammer use faked but real looking certificates to project a false sense of security.

Procedure used by Russian Online Scammers

It begins even from the start of your journey until you first see her and until you start to plan to bring your Russian bride back home.

If you want to spend money on security, check basic details “outside” and make sure to protect yourself from Russian dating scams on the Internet. The girl may look very good in the photos, but whether it is real is another question. Do a reverse image search to check if photos have been stolen.

You have to face several scenarios while you are searching for a Russian woman:

1. Fraud in identity

Romance scams impact victims indirectly, in addition to emotional and financial effects. Although the scammer is unlikely for these people, their identification is manipulated in many ways. Identity is a dynamic and varied definition, divided into three groups.

i) Personal

An interpersonal perception of identity, which involves the meaning of a person’s self.

ii) Social

Entirely artificial perspective about how others perceive an individual.

iii) Legal provision

How one person differentiates from all others by acquiring knowledge.

Identity stealing and deception are taking place in physical environments, allowing scammers from Russia to secure their real identities and more quickly take on multiple fake identities. When they call you on the phone, you never know who they really are. In the end, they always just want your money.

2. They are the ones who always contact first

Often they get directly in touch with you via e-mail. They send you an initial letter and wait for a few days before they send additional messages. They then make a compliment of some kind, such as saying that they like you.

Alternatively they use very nice profiles on a popular dating site to bait unsuspecting men with it.

3. Language Scam

This is another widely used Russian women scam. A woman from Russia can begin to communicate with you, but she won’t talk or understand English.

After a moment, she will inform you that she will not keep talking to you as the translating service will no longer be free of charge.

They either want you to pay for the service at this time or even inquire if you can pay for the service long term so that you can built a relationship. This is a fraud and you never should send any money!

4. Russian Bride Scam

There are many fraudulent sites for partnering with Russian women that promise to mix western men and Russian women. Although many Russian dating sites are respectable, others are fake and used to set up scams. Note: Not every account is authentic. And remeber: An international relationship is often difficult and the road to marriage is long. 

If you pay money to one of those fake sites, the only thing that you can be sure of is that you will not see your money again and get nothing out of the deal.

5. Portrays true Love and feelings

She declares her eternal devotion to you after a few letters or a very short time. Love is normally a feeling gained over time and this person already loves you forever? It’s not about love, it’s all about money. 

The chances that you are writing with a scammer are quite high. When people from abroad ask a man for money, a red flag should arise for everyone. The rule is: Never send money to someone you meet online.

6. Captivating pictures and videos

Posted on a webpage or send to you via email, the pictures always show young, attractive and alluring woman. In addition to this the woman seems to have rather low standards regarding to what she is looking for. If a profile looks like this a scam is very likely.

Stolen picture used by a "Russian Dating Scammer"

Scammer steal photos which are later used to scam their victims.

Dangers of Russian Dating Scammers

1. Scheme for income-generating

When the virtual relationship progresses, demands for items like

  • passports,
  • driver licenses,
  • visa,
  • travel insurances,
  • customs taxes,
  • government bribery,
  • and other imaginary charges becom more frequently

She mentions financial problems and calls for assistance. Scammers from Russia might also say that they are in a hospital due to injury on the way to the airport.

They ask the man for money to be sent to Russia via

  • bank transfer to a bank account of an “agent”
  • Bitcoin,
  • Amazon gift cards
  • or Western Union.

2. They steal your data

People prefer to share their information with meetings much more readily and are long convinced to reveal their personal information, such as their home address or telephone number and bank details.

3. A repetitive goal

When Russian women scam money from their survivors, they also add the name of that individual to a ‘sucker list’ of users and make crime simpler. They then sell the records to other suspects and subject their clients to more threats.

4. Physical risk

Scammers have even forced their victims out of the country that faces all manner of potential consequences.

There are also shot to death. Victims who face scam and travel abroad to confront the perpetrators will face the same dangers.

5. Mortality

Often they are pretenders, whether scammers do not deceive or sweetly chat about helping scam victims avoid crimes. If the victims do not help, they get naked photos or videos of the targets and then risk revealing them openly.

Online dating scams lead to financial and emotional damage

An important aspect of the online dating scam that many people do not even consider is the resulting damage on an emotional basis.

The financial damage is bad enough, but many victims suffer extremely from the emotional damage. When they realize at the end of such a scam that not only is their money gone, they equally realize that they are sitting alone in their home with a broken heart.

That’s why it’s especially important not to become a victim of fraud. In case of doubt, our investigators will check the person and are spared from any damage caused by russian romance scams.

Your safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless

Relationships are based on faith, however, once you begin, you should always aim to validate what your new-found love tells, not blindly.

Unfortunately, many men who wish to open their hearts end up cleaning up their pockets, since they became the target of scams by women from Russia.

Online dating can be very dangerous, especially when people from another country are involved. This is especially true for crafty fraudsters from the Russian Federation, because Russian scammers are particularly skilled at forging documents and deceiving other people. Scammers opearte online from countries with low per capita income – Russia, Kazakhstan or Ukraine are among them. 

If you are in contact with a woman from Russia on the Internet and want to be sure if this woman is really real: Our private investigator agency checks women from Russia whether they are real or fraudsters.

If it is a scam, we also try to determine who the real person in the pictures is. 

Many men have been scammed by girls from all over the world. Be careful so that you do not also belong to these men. With our investigations we will help you to find out the truth. By the way – this kind of scam also works with Russian men. They pretend to be gay and look for male partners all over the world. The procedure is exactly the same as for women.

Please send us a message with you email address and phone number. We will then take care of your case.

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