If there is a chance that your online romance is a scammer.

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Dutch Romance Scammer – how to check if someone from the Netherlands is a scammer

Have you met someone from the Netherlands online and now wonder if they are real or a romance scammer?

Romance scams are an unfortunate reality in today’s digital age, where scammers prey on vulnerable individuals looking for love and companionship. While these scams can originate from any part of the world, you should be aware of specific warning signs and techniques used by scammers.

In this article, we will focus on Dutch romance scammers and provide you with valuable tips on how to check if someone from the Netherlands is a potential scammer.

Dutch Romance Scammer

Our specialists investigate potential scammers in the Netherlands.

1. Research their Background

Before you get too involved with someone you meet online, you should thoroughly research their background. Start by checking the information they provide, such as

  • their name,
  • age,
  • occupation
  • and location in the Netherlands.

Look for inconsistencies in their story or gaps in their online presence. Real people should have a digital footprint that matches their claims.

2. Assess Their Online Profile

Scammers often create elaborate online profiles to appear more trustworthy and attractive. Analyze their social media profiles, dating site profiles, and any other online presence they may have.

Look for red flags such as a limited number of friends or followers, recently created accounts, generic or stolen profile pictures, and suspiciously perfect backgrounds.

A lack of personal information and limited interactions with others can also indicate a potential scammer.

3. Verify Their Identity and Photos

Scammers on social media platforms, dating apps or dating sites often use stolen photos to create fake personas. To determine if someone from the Netherlands is using someone else’s images, do a reverse image search.

Services like Google Images allow you to upload a photo and find similar images across the web. If you find that their profile picture appears on other websites or social media accounts under a different name, it’s a clear sign of a scammer.

Scammer use fake profiles

Scammers always use fake profiles, with stolen photos.

4. Communicate Outside the Dating Platform

Most romance scammers prefer to move their interactions off the dating platform or messaging app immediately. They do this to maintain control and avoid being banned from the platform.

Preferably, they will ask to move the conversation to channels like WhatsApp or Google Chat. If the person you are talking to in the Netherlands is quick to ask you to communicate off the platform and gives weak excuses for doing so, this could be a sign of fraudulent intentions in romance scams.

5. Pay Attention to their Language Skills

Dutch speakers generally have a high level of proficiency in English and German in addition to their native language.

While there may be language barriers, especially with non-native speakers, consistently poor grammar, spelling errors or unusually formal language from someone claiming to be Dutch could indicate a scammer working under a false identity.

6. Beware of Financial Requests

One of the main goals of romance scammers is to get money from their victims. They often make up convincing stories about emergencies, medical bills, taxes or travel expenses.

Be suspicious if someone from the Netherlands asks for financial assistance, especially if you have never met in person. Real people are more interested in building a relationship based on trust, not money.

To trick people, scammers create fake online identities

Creating a false identity online is pretty simple. First the scammer chooses a random name. Then he steals pictures from someone else and presents them as his. And the last step is to invent a few additional information and the scammer is ready.

7. Consult our Private Investigators

Consulting with our private investigators can provide valuable insight and an objective perspective. Share your concerns with our investigators and listen to their opinions. They may notice red flags or inconsistencies that you may have missed due to your emotional involvement.

Our private investigators will determine if the person from the Netherlands really exists and if the story they are telling is true. Never make a bank transfer to a person you do not know, do not give out confidential personal details, and do not send nude pictures of yourself.

We check people all over the Netherlands, for example in

  • Amsterdam
  • The Hague
  • Eindhoven
  • Rotterdam
  • Arnhem
  • Venlo

Conclusion to a Romance Scam

While online dating offers countless opportunities to meet real people, it is important to beware of Internet scams. Advance fee fraud is widespread on the Internet.

Scam artists pose as soldiers, ship captains, doctors, oil rig engineers, or business travellers. They have one goal: to scam other people out of their money. Many people have fallen victim and lost money to these ruthless scammers, almost all of whom are from West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast etc).

By following the tips in this article, you can better protect yourself when contacting people from the Netherlands. Remember to trust your instincts and put your safety first.

By being careful, you can avoid heartache and financial loss in the long run. Never send money to strangers you meet on the Internet via Western Union, Bitcoin, cash, wire transfer, etc., because if you do, you will end up with an empty bank account and a broken heart.

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